Looking for a job in Toronto? Maybe I can help. No catch!

Looking for a well-paid job in the stock photo industry

Looking for a well-paid job in the stock photo industry

Just arrived in Toronto and looking for a job? Or — clever person — you are still in Great Britain and doing research first about what’s available in Toronto? Well, I’ve been there and done that and would like to help.

No catch. Free. Good karma and maybe an appreciative pint when you get settled.

Just send me whatever details you are comfortable with sharing publicly. For example, your name and e-mail, CV, LinkedIn profile, what job you are looking for etc. I will highlight you on this page and maybe — just maybe — a generous employer will spot your initiative, get in touch and Bob’s your uncle = job!

Contact me here with your details (or e-mail to britsintoronto AT gmail DOT COM) and I’ll do the rest. Good luck!


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