Hire Justin Kozuch!

Proficient in hash tags and URL shorteners. Box ticked

Justin’s extremely proficient in creating hash tags and URL shorteners. Box ticked!

My well-connected social media network of influencers with Klout scores of 87 and higher put me onto the chap above, Justin Kozuch.

He is currently “in between jobs” (OK — unemployed) and keen to start a new role. Although not British, the name Justin does have a certain air of aristocracy about it so I’m giving him a free pass and helping spread the word about his “Hire Justin” campaign.

Here’s what he’s looking for, taken from his personal website: “My ideal role is working within a marketing and public relations capacity. I’d like to help bring a new product or service to market and help drive awareness, sales and customer acquisition of an existing product or service-based company already operating in Toronto.

“As I’ve spent the last year working for an app-based service (Hailo), I’m particularly interested in working for an organization that uses mobile as the primary (or secondary) touchpoint for a customer experience. Finally, I’d like to leverage and build upon my community management, e-mail marketing and traditional marketing skills.

“In short, I’m wildly curious about the intersection of traditional/digital marketing and public relations and I’m keen to learn as much as I can about that intersection.”

So, there you have it. If you’re an employer looking for a good egg, or a fellow Brit who can help out and spread the word, direct them to Justin’s page or tweet the hell out of him until he cries out plaintively, “Stop it you scoundrel!”

Good luck JK!

Update: Justin got hired. Well done mate!


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