Go and take a running jump in the lake

The blob fish (Latin name Uglius Bastardus) shows his disappointment at not living in Lake Ontario

The blob fish (Latin name Uglius Bastardus) shows his utter disappointment at not living in Lake Ontario

The great thing about living in Toronto — and Canada in general — is the amount of lovely lakes dotted around the country, around three MILLION (60% of the world’s lakes). That’s great news for those of us who like to swim in fresh water during the summer, and bad news for those of us who don’t want to be invaded by the U.S. in 30 years when water is scarce.

Cottaging. That word means one thing in Great Britain, and one thing in Canada. I love to cottage. I try to cottage at least twice a year. Cottaging is now one of my favourite pastimes, and I recommend that all Brits new to Toronto definitely get into the cottaging state of mind. Ahhhh, cottaging. Love it.

There’s nothing better than jumping in the car with some mates, driving at least two hours north of Toronto into “Cottage Country” and living by a lake for a few days. No technology allowed — just board games, booze, BBQs, fire pit and a swim in the chilly water.

The city of Toronto is also very conveniently located right next to Lake Ontario. You can jump on a ferry and be across to the Toronto Islands in about 15 minutes. Rent a bike over there, stroll around, have a beer or nice meal and — if you’re feeling brave — give the old twig and berries an airing at the Hanlan’s Point nudist beach.

Foe those who can’t afford a trip to California, head east to The Beaches. You’ll sit there self-consciously in your pasty white British skin, adjusting the knotted handkerchief on your reddening head as bronzed, fit Canadian bodies frolic on the beach volleyball courts, ride their bikes and jog past you.

Sugar Beach is also another nice space in the heart of the city if you want to lay around on golden sand and gaze out at the lake.

So, there you have it. Wherever you may be in Toronto there are lots of options if you feel like some lake time. It’s personally one of my favourite things to do in the city, and definitely recharges the batteries after a long week of sitting in a grey work cubicle trying to think out of the box.


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