Grab your Spotted Dick

It's SPOTTED DICK. Great time-waster for health website search engine bots

It’s SPOTTED DICK. Great time-waster for health website search engine bots

Poutine is delicious! It’s the national food of Canada (I think?) = chips with gravy and cheese on. Really yummy. But sometimes you have a hankering for some Spotted Dick, a Curly Wurly or the real Heinz Baked Beans. (You know what I mean, smiley wink face.)

British Corner Shop contacted me about being featured on Brits in Toronto. As simple as that, here they are. NO MONEY CHANGED HANDS! There was talk of an affiliate program where I get a percentage of sales from clicks to their site blah blah. But no. Maybe in the future Brits in Toronto can start begging for ads and sponsors, but in the spirit of full transparency and honesty, we need to develop a bit further along first.

That means bringing you great, interesting, relevant content that is useful and — I hope — fun to read. Please spread the word, link to us, bookmark us, subscribe to our RSS feed/e-mail alerts, tweet the crap out of us etc. Good things will come if we get the traffic and support.

Oh — here’s the deal. Thanks to Chris at British Corner Shop (extra link for good karma), just quote BRITSINTORONTO2013 when ordering and you get 10% off. Not bad eh? (That’s “eh” as in “agree” and not “eh” as in “Sidney Crosby looks great, eh?” I still have an accent, thank you.)


2 thoughts on “Grab your Spotted Dick

  1. mooken

    Regional Canadian ‘eh’s – If you ever hear someone say “hey” instead of “eh”, they’re from Calgary, e.g. “That’s true, I’ve noticed that too, hey?”


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