Dance like Jane Austen

"Darcy, the one who smelt it, dealt it." "Why yes, Lizzie, but the one who ignored it, stored it."

“But Darcy, the one who smelt it, dealt it.” “Why yes, Lizzie, but the one who ignored it, stored it.”

English novelist Jane Austen once famously wrote, “Don’t believe every quote you read on the Internet.”

That’s why Jane still has many fans to this day — a true Brit who spoke her mind and … was also a massive dance fan!

So, Brits in Toronto was very excited to hear about Jane Austen Dancing, a website listing sociable events in and around Toronto based on the theme of the famed, curly brown ringlet-haired novelist always staring off into the distance as she ponders her next best-selling book on the wry foibles of high society, cakes and piano lessons by the window.

The website lists a lot of Austen- and Regency era-related events and other fun stuff that would even make Jane crack a smile.

Here’s the next one: Saturday, October 19 — Trafalgar Ball. Dancing, decorations, live music and toasts to Lord Nelson and King George!

There’s also a mailing list, Twitter accounts to follow and a whole lot more.

So, swallow your pride, forget your prejudice, use your sensibility and spend some of those cents (that one didn’t quite work) on tickets!


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