Totally biased product review by me — Deep Foods Palak Paneer

Four bits of cheese jostle for position in a bed of creamy spinach

Four bits of cheese jostle for position in a bed of creamy spinach puree

Got time for a curry quickie? Good. This item caught my eye as I was looking for an alternative side dish for tonight’s dinner. I think it was the combination of the words “cheese,” “spicy” and “spinach.”

It’s also vegetarian, which is nice. I balanced it with a pork chop in a BBQ sauce and toms.

Very quick and easy to cook, if your idea of “cook” is opening the microwave door, slinging it in and pressing COOK.

Five minutes later — and being careful to avoid the scalding steam — I peeled back the top and there it was laid before me in all its splendour: spicy spinach with bits of cheese in.

So … going in! The texture was very nice, and tasted authentic (just like the box described). The cubed cheese was also not bad. The biggest letdown was I couldn’t really taste any spice. I had to mix in some hot sauce to bring it to a respectable level, just to get that kick.

In summary, the Palak Paneer was pretty tasty, just needs a hit more of the spice.

I give it a Brits in Toronto 3/5 stars.

(Palak Paneer is also an anagram of “ale pea prank” which reminds me of a great stag night I once went to but won’t repeat.)


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