Let’s all help fellow Brit Adam Winfield find a job!

The best stock photo that $2.48 can buy

The best stock photo that $2.48 can buy

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community can keep their ears open for you.

Adam Winfield, it’s your turn to shine. Here’s some details about his experience taken from his resume/CV:

“I am a journalism graduate with expertise in content creation, account management and media relations. I am experienced in supporting a wide variety of PR/marketing campaigns and activity within the B2C and B2B technology sectors. I’m ideally looking for a copywriter/marketing role within a marketing/comms department, or an account executive role within a PR/marketing agency. My previous experience is in technology writing and media relations — however, I’m open to working in new fields.”

Adam has an online writing portfolio and you can contact him via adamwinfield AT hotmail.com or his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Adam! You certainly have the “write” stuff. (See that?)

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