Happy New Year from Brits in Toronto!

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon ...

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon … what’s the next bit?

Wow, what a few months it’s been since Brits in Toronto launched — we’re truly chuffed and honoured about the warm reception the site has received.

Our Twitter account has 172 followers — not bots, but real, intelligent and attractive people — and we aim to double that to at least 344 by this time next year!

We have visitors from, yes, CANADA … and Panama, Peru, Malaysia and Aruba, to name but a few countries. Welcome one and all!

We have published exclusive — yes, EXCLUSIVE — deep-probing interviews with a former Mayor of Toronto … the Brit who mostly gets you to work on time … and Mayor Rob Ford’s favourite newspaper editor.

Top stuff, no? We could have packed up and gone home already. But we’re not stopping there.

2014 is going to be the year for the Brits in Toronto team to start bringing it large, showcasing the best of British life in Toronto and to feature many more of our ex-pats in these very pages. (Pages that never end because it’s the Internet, and probably based on a cloud server somewhere in Russia because it’s cheaper hosting.)

A truly big THANK YOU to everyone that’s e-mailed us, RT’d us, spammed us and begged to be featured in the Totally Biased Product Review By Me slot. It means a lot.

Happy, healthy and fun New Year to you all, be safe and see you in 2014!


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