Totally biased product review by me — The Living Room

The plush bar in The Living Room with the SELF-POUR DRAFT BEER TAPS discreetly marked

The plush bar in The Living Room with the SELF-POUR DRAFT BEER TAPS discreetly marked

The Brits in Toronto crew were missing home a little over the Christmas holidays. There’s nothing quite like going to a fine British establishment for some copious imbibing, good cheer and snacks.

Unfortunately, flights home were too expensive this year — and we still don’t have a major corporate beer, dental chain or Indian food website sponsor yet — so we did the next best thing and headed to the Windsor Arms Hotel to try out The Living Room restaurant and bar.

Just as the website describes, “Interior designer Jacques Dinel of Dinel Designs brought British influence to the restaurant, setting the atmosphere of luxurious comfort. The Living Room is decorated with original print art from the U.K. and a formal dining area with original Charles Pachter paintings.”

So we quickly changed out of our Corrie Street T-shirts and jeans, into smart trousers and shirts … and off we jolly well popped.

Our host was a Geordie from Newcastle called Anthony. He was excellent, made us feel very welcome and had a load of great, funny stories to keep us entertained. We soon relaxed into the deep, comfortable settees and ordered drinks.

The Britettes in our group went for the bottle service and partook of the vodka on offer, whilst us gents opted for the SELF-POUR draft beer. Yep — you just reach over, choose one of the two beverages of that night, tilt your glass and pour yourself a nice glass with no head at all. Because Brits hate head on their beer.

The choices that night were Mill St. Organic and Amsterdam Market Ale, two polar opposites — nice options. Quick tip: go slowly on the pour because it’s a bit tricky the first time, and I personally wasted around $2.43 of beer down the side of the glass … funds we just don’t have. Yet. (See above point.)

Having eaten earlier at this amazing place, we were kinda stuffed — but Anthony tempted us with some popcorn coated in curry spices that were REALLY addictive! Would have a drink there just for that stuff. And I’m not a popcorn fan, trust me.

All in all, we really enjoyed our night here and definitely plan to go back to sample the full menu at some stage.

For that reason we give it a respectable Brits in Toronto 4/5 stars … for now. Suspect that will go up once we do the eats full justice.


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