Is immigration turning away best, brightest?

Brits in Toronto really hopes not

Brits in Toronto really hopes not … would be bad

Travelling to the Brits in Toronto office yesterday during the polar vortex, my eye chanced upon a copy of Metro, the local free daily newspaper.

I opened it and was extremely concerned at what I read. “Pisceans should expect disappointing news from a tall, dark stranger.” (I always read my horoscope first.)

Then I noticed the headline story on the front page: “Is immigration turning away best, brightest?” I read with interest …

According to hopeful permanent residency applicants and an immigration lawyer, very skilled people are being rejected for no obvious reason that they can discern.

The article even goes so far as to report, “They say there are conflicting instructions for applicants and that immigration officers aren’t following the rules and are ignoring parts of their applications.”

Pretty worrying. But how can immigrants prove that? I’m not sure if there’s an appeals process or not. The kind of talented individuals that the Federal Skilled Worker Program was set up to attract are apparently not making it through.

Brits in Toronto are going to put out a few feelers to see if we can get some more information and post an update.

You can read the full article as a PDF here (right click/save as): Is immigration turning away best, brightest?


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