Let’s all help fellow Brit Jamie find a job!

"Help, I'm trapped in this bubble and it's really funny! Plus I need a job, please."

“Help, I’m trapped in this bubble and it’s really funny! Plus I need a job, please,” says Jamie

As mentioned on our Jobs page, we like to help fellow Brits in Toronto find work and jobs. You just need to send some details and a link to some more information — as much as you’re comfortable sharing online — and we’ll put it out there in the hope that the British ex-pat community can keep their ears open for you.

Jamie is a clever man. Even though he’s not arriving in Toronto until the end of June, he’s started doing his job research … which is how he ended up on Brits in Toronto. Here’s some information Jamie told us:

“I came across your page today and found it a great source of information towards Toronto, some of which I hadn’t read elsewhere. [Thanks mate! BIT.] The past few months I’ve been going through the process of saving up and applying for my working visa in order to head to Canada this summer, and in December I finally received my approval and 12-month work permit/holiday confirmation.

“I fly out in June directly to Toronto, so I’ve been looking into potential jobs (part-time or full-time) but it’s always difficult to get an idea without actually being ‘there’ and getting the opportunity to get out and speak to potential employers face-to-face.

“I’d be looking for any type of work really, I’m a fast learner (I know everyone says that but I do believe it!) and would just appreciate any advice you might be able to give me, or if you know of any opportunities out there for someone like me, for when I arrive.”

Jamie adds that he’s open to most types of work, but has a lot of retail experience. If any fellow Brits in Toronto — or even Canadian employers! — want to connect with Jamie, his e-mail is jam_joe AT hotmail.co.uk.

Best of luck, mate!


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