Let’s all help fellow Brit Christopher find a job!

Sometimes it's smart to do your job search before heading to Canada

Sometimes it’s smart to do your job search before heading to Canada

Christopher contacted Brits in Toronto to get the word out that he’s heading to Canada, and has wisely started the job search process now. He currently works in an oil refinery, so any leads, tips etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Brits in Toronto has no knowledge whatsoever of that industry, so we could use some help for Christopher! Here is a summary of his resume and contact e-mail:

E-mail: cdp2003 AT btinternet DOT com

Professional Profile

A dedicated, enthusiastic and highly-skilled Supervisory Professional, boasting 25 years’ experience within the petrochemical plant and mechanical engineering industries. Possesses exceptional managerial promise, consistently and effectively co-ordinating and motivating multiple teams of over 20 personnel to meet targets and objectives. A strategic thinker, is adept at problem-solving and thrives in challenging working environments, operating in full adherence to regulations on health and safety. Above all, relishes a dynamic, fast-paced working environment.


Currently seeking a challenging new position as a Manager, to build on existing supervisory skills and experience.

Career Summary

– Playing a pivotal role as Lead Process Operator within a busy oil refinery, tasked with senior supervisory responsibilities over 2 Control Operators, 5 Unit Operators and up to 20 Trades Personnel
– Heading operations, ensuring that units adhere to operating instructions and meet operational specifications; coordinating outside field positions and training on the TDC 3000 control systems
– Interviewing, training and mentoring new staff into the company; regularly testing team knowledge and signing off on training competency packages, proving key motivational and communication skills
– Ensuring that the preparation of equipment is completed safely and to a set timescale; monitoring, reviewing and approving handheld device routines and resolving issues, using strong problem solving ability
– Responsible for day to day permitry for the authorisation of maintenance work; supervising and signing off on work when complete, demonstrating exceptional managerial skills
– Maintaining utmost levels of health and safety; ensuring that associated security and load documentation is up-to-date at all times, showing sound organisation and time management skills

So, there you have it. Any leads in the petrochemical plant or mechanical engineering industry would be appreciated. Good luck, Christopher!


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