Let’s all help fellow Brit Shaun find a job!

Shaun wears this T-shirt 24/7 and never takes it off

Shaun wears this T-shirt 24/7 and never takes it off

Shaun contacted Brits in Toronto and bribed us with this opening sentence: “Firstly, big props for the site. As a Yorkshireman who is planning to independently move to Toronto in August, it’s reassuring to see that the city has a small community of fellow Brits who have taken to Toronto as their new home. Also pleasing to see that, despite being across the pond, Brits in Toronto still enjoy a pint and going out to watch the football.”

Shaun is now our new best friend. Which is why he’s today’s “let’s all help a fellow Brit find a job” blog subject.

Here’s what Shaun had to say:

“I am entering Canada on an IEC 12-month working holiday visa, as such I’ve already started researching potential work opportunities in the Toronto area. I currently work for a national youth and community charity in London. I have extensive experience in programme management, youth work and inclusion/access/diversity practice. My current role as an Inclusion Associate Manager requires me to ensure that the community engagement programmes we run are fully accessible to all young people regardless of any physical, societal, cultural or religious barrier.

“I am looking to get into a similar field of work in the non-profit sector, ideally with an organisation that has a youth and community focus, although I am open to other opportunities. I have already identified the recruitment website, Charity Village, which seems to have a good amount of opportunities in the sector I am interested in working in. However, if anyone has any tips or good contacts in Toronto, I would love to hear from them.”

So, there you have it. A forward-planning, caring Brit with an excellent T-shirt is coming to Toronto and looking for job leads and contacts. You can e-mail him at shauncornfoot AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk if you — or a colleague — wants to reach out.

Good luck, Shaun!


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