Immigration Consultant Diploma Training in Toronto

Ooooh, they're a bit touchy

Ooooh, they’re a bit touchy

So, you arrived in Toronto to start a new life, but the job is just not cutting it. You’re thinking about getting some training for a new career path.

How about becoming an immigration consultant? Helping others as you were once helped?

We scouted around and found this course at Herzing College in Toronto: The Immigration Consultant Diploma program.

We have no idea how good the course is, so are just linking it here for your information and not an endorsement.


1 thought on “Immigration Consultant Diploma Training in Toronto

  1. Michele Gates

    Hi I am not only a Brit (moved from London almost 10 years ago) but also the Senior Admissions Advisor at Herzing College and I can endorse this program. Herzing College is a 49 year old college conveniently located in the Eaton Centre and last year we trained over 100 immigration consultants. This 24 week Diploma program includes an 8 week internship, to give students that valuable Canadian work experience and that foot in the door. Perfect for those with or without legal backgrounds. If you would like any more information or would like to arrange a complimentary no-obligation tour of the college with me then please do not hesitate to call 416-599-6996 extension 02208 or email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.


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