Canadian oath refusers take their battle to court

Not  a happy camper at all

Not a happy camper at all

So, the Brits in Toronto crew were shooting the breeze over some pie and mash on Queen St. West, and we chatted about  how lucky we were to live in a nice country like Canada, with all the benefits and privileges it affords us. Very lucky indeed!

Then we ran across this story of three longtime foreign residents fighting for the right to become Canadian citizens, but without having to swear allegiance to the British Queen. They’ve even gone to bloody court over it.

One 80-year-old-bloke, who came to Canada in 1964, describes himself as “a staunch Republican, adding that the oath would violate his conscience.”

Two others — from Jamaica and Israel — say “their religion forbids them from taking an oath to any personas.”

And the kicker: “The lawyer for the three says it’s not fair to ask new Canadians to make an oath they don’t believe in.”

Not fair? But it’s “fair” and in their “conscience” to choose to come to Canada and enjoy all the benefits it offers? And to be “forbidden by religion?”

Sorry — but when you choose to live in another country, you abide by its rules and legalities that you have chosen to leave behind in your former country. Simple as that.

These people are very misguided.


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