Totally biased product review by me — Mackie’s of Scotland crispy bacon crisps

Sometimes, there just nothing like a packet of Scottish bacon-flavoured crisps to scratch that itch

Sometimes, there’s just nothing like a maroon packet of Scottish bacon-flavoured crisps to scratch that itch

The Brits in Toronto crew were a bit stumped for a snack the other day, so went wandering to Whole Foods. And what did we find? Scottish bacon-flavoured crisps! Hoots mon!

So before Scotland possibly becomes an independent country based on what happens this coming September 2014, let’s get in there quick and review these crisps …

First impressions were good. The bag had a good heft in our hand. Felt like it could hold its own in a bar fight with other bags of crisps. Good start.

Upon popping open the bag, another plus point: only one fifth of the bag was pure air. We had actually paid for a decent amount of crisps, instead of the half-full bag you sometimes see from other brands.

We dived in.

The crisps were — for want of a better word — crispy! A nice crunch to them. Three out of three so far. But …

Lack of flavour. Noooo! We were expecting a more intense, smokey flavour of bacon, but it left us a bit wanting. Mackie’s = please up the bacon ante.

We have to give them a Brits in Toronto 2/5 stars.

Sidenote: We also have a bag of the Aberdeen Angus steak-flavoured crisps to sample so will review those soon too.


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