Totally biased product review by me — Tasty Bite Bombay Potatoes

The plate, spoon, rice and green stuff are NOT included and are a serving suggestion only

The plate, spoon, rice and green stuff are NOT included and are a serving suggestion only

I love Toronto. I love curry. The two mix well. But one dish I find hard to source is Bombay Potatoes.

So, I jumped in my bright orange 2-litre Ford Capri with go-fast spoiler and racing wheels and roared off (within the legal speed limit) on the hunt for Bombay Potatoes I could cook in the Brits in Toronto office kitchenette.

I chanced upon Tasty Bites Bombay Potatoes so decided to give them a go.

The packet was heavy. It had some substance, which indicated there was a fair-sized portion contained in the yellow packaging. Being a greedy bugger, that’s always a plus point.

I just want to take a personal moment to thank Tasty Bite for their thoughtfulness. Not having a pair of scissors to hand, I was extremely relieved to see they had provided a handy notch cut out of the packet so it was easy to open. Thank you, Tasty Bite.

Thinking ahead, I was reluctant to use the microwave to cook them in the one minute it claims in case it dried them out. So I opted for the boil-in-the bag option which only takes five minutes.

Quick note: once you factor in the extra four minutes to get the water to a boil, and the 45 seconds to get them onto the plate, it actually takes around nine minutes and 45 seconds from start to finish.

Taste test: very good! The sauce was thicker than expected — which was a pleasant surprise — and they were quite filling as a side dish.

The actual pieces of potato were slightly smaller than expected, but still a good mouthful, especially when you combine the “potato to chickpea spoon ratio” as illustrated on the front of the packet.

Spicy? As always … not quite enough. BUT that is a personal choice and not a criticism. They had some bite and I was reaching for the tissue a few times to blow my nose. The flavour was very nice, and will be on my shopping list again.

We give Tasty Bites Bombay Potatoes a respectable Brits in Toronto 3/5 stars.


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