If Bill C-24 passes, Canadian citizenship will be harder to get and easier to lose

What a little bugger you are, Grumpy Cat

What a little bugger you are, Grumpy Cat

Our roving Brits across the fair City of Toronto send us leads all the time and we are very grateful.

Here’s two that crossed our desk this morning …

If Bill C-24 passes, Canadian citizenship will be harder to get and easier to lose

“On February 6, 2014 the federal government introduced Bill C-24, a law that changes the Citizenship Act of Canada. This new law changes core aspects of Canadian citizenship as we know it.

“If passed, Bill C-24 will make it more difficult for new immigrants to get Canadian citizenship and easier for many Canadians to lose it, especially if they have dual citizenship. Most Canadians do not understand the ways in which Bill C-24 will undermine their fundamental right to be a citizen of Canada.”

Full story.

Canadian government debating stringent new rules for citizenship

“The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, now in consideration, states that applicants for citizenship must spend at least 1.460 [might mean 1,460?] days in the country for six years before submitting their applications.

“It continues that, during at least four of those years, applicants must have spent 183 days physically present in Canada. Stays in the country under a temporary residency visa will not count towards the upgraded citizenship requirements.

“The bill is already controversial, with the Canadian Bar Association warning that its passing into immigration law will likely discourage immigrants and also have an effect on Canadians working abroad.

“Furthermore, the bill will allow revocation of citizenship held by dual nationals if it’s found that they’ve been convicted of and served more than five years’ imprisonment for offences outside Canada’s borders which would be construed as terrorism within the country.”

Full story.


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