The best thing about living in Toronto during the World Cup is …

Beep every time you see this glorious sight on a Ford Capri 2.0. That's us

Beep every time you see this glorious sight on a Gold Ford Capri 2.0. That’s us

… the car flags!

Football is the best sport in the world. Brits are passionate about it. And now the BEST sporting event is a few days away. The Brits in Toronto crew cannot wait.

We are going to drink a lot of booze during this event. Let’s be honest about it. The best thing? Socializing with other countries’ fans. There will be Italians in the pub we frequent this coming Saturday. We have friends in blue football jerseys. It’s about the spirit of the occasion, the competition — not the aggro and trouble.

The best part, though? We love seeing all the different car flags driving around the city too. There’s nothing better than rounding the bend on the Gardiner — the one by Jameson — and suddenly spotting the red and white fluttering in the wind speeding by on the other side.

Quick! Hand on horn. Listen for the reply. Job done! Acknowledged. Respect due.

Also, the joy of overtaking the German flag. Cutting off an Argentinian flag. Slowing down to let a Japanese flag in front, as they’re polite and also won’t last long.

It’s all good fun! The city’s multiculturalism is one of its strengths. Toronto welcomes people from all nationalities, and this is the best time when that comes to the fore.

So … Brits in Toronto … get those car flags on and show support for England!


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