Common People: British Film by Canadians coming to Toronto

One of the many well-shot, scripted and beautifully acted scenes from Common People

One of the many well-shot, scripted and beautifully acted scenes from Common People

This e-mail we received speaks for itself. (Bolding and caps are ours.)

Dear British Bloke in T.O.,

LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. Read every Successful Brit in Toronto interview thinking I should write to them all, but then figured it might be easier to write to you, and hope you might be able to disseminate this info from your Brits in Toronto Headquarters.

I’m the Canadian writer/co-director of the hit British film, Common People, which will be having its Canadian Premiere in Toronto at the ReelHeART film festival on June 28, before it is released on iTunes nationwide in Canada the following week.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be bringing it to Toronto, as that is where the whole odyssey began, when I was writing the last draft from an apartment overlooking the Bell Lightbox during TIFF 2011.

The journey since then has included shooting the actual film for £35,000, outdoors over 18 days in London during, “the wettest April since records began;” winning awards at our first and subsequent festivals, a one-off screening in London that snowballed into a nine-week sell-out run, and, last week, a nationwide theatrical released in the U.K., to considerable acclaim from British critics.

As the budget suggests, we’re a micro-budget operation, with no marketing team, so we’d really appreciate any help to spread the word about the film among Brits and Anglophiles in Toronto.

My co-director (and Essex Girl) Kerry Skinner and I will be flying in from the U.K. for the festival, and we’d be extremely grateful of any help to spread the word before we bring Common People to Toronto.

Thankfully, I think the film screens BETWEEN World Cup matches. We’ll also be finding those BRITISH PUBS to watch the England matches in at a much more convenient time.

You can read all about the film and view the trailer at and see the trailer, and London audience responses to the film on our YouTube channel at

Tickets can be booked here:

And do come along if you’re free. It’s a lovely film.

All the best,

Stewart Alexander
Common People Productions


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