Quiz: Can you pass this Canadian citizenship test?

And your starter for 10, no conferring: name this country

And your starter for 10, no conferring: name this country

“Can you name Canada’s first head of responsible government or the first European to explore the St. Lawrence River?

“If not, then you may know less about Canada than most of its new citizens.

“About 140 students from across the country were put to the Citizenship Challenge on Wednesday when they played a bingo-style game at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. The students answered questions about Canada similar to those that appear in a Discover Canada citizenship test.”

Read the full story on Metro.

Bonus story: What is a Canadian Permanent Resident visa?

“What does it mean to have permanent residence in Canada? Immigration to Canada is, and has always been, a changing process. With over 60 Canadian immigration programs that lead to permanent residence in Canada, it is understandable that a degree of confusion arises from time to time. New programs open, old programs close, criteria for existing programs are modified, and definitions change. Some newcomers to Canada who have successfully attained permanent residence status remain unsure about precisely what it is. This article will deal with some common questions surrounding permanent residence in Canada.”


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