Let’s all help fellow Brit Gareth find a job!

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Gareth dreams of being on a GO Train heading to his engineering job. You could make it happen

It’s time again to reach out and try to help a fellow Brit find a job!

We got this e-mail from Gareth:

“I came across your website today during a regular search of mine for opportunities for British people in Canada.

“My name is Gareth, I am a British citizen still living in the U.K. I am looking to emigrate to the Toronto area in April 2015. I am engaged to a Canadian citizen from that area and we will be getting married in May 2015. Once we are married, we will make the application for a permanent visa through the spouse route.

“As this could take six months or even more I am looking for ways to allow me to emigrate and work in Canada earlier. The most likely method I see is if I were to get on the IEC 2015 program — however, I know this is risky due to the low number of spaces available and how quickly they fill.

“I studied Chemical Engineering as a student to masters level and I know there are lots of opportunities in Engineering and for my discipline in Canada. However my profession was taken off the list this year that would have allowed me to apply for an open visa through my own qualifications.

“As a result, if the IEC didn’t materialize, the only way of me being able to work in Canada for the initial period following the wedding would be to have a job offer from a company sponsoring me as a foreign worker. I have found this very difficult to find because I have currently been working for two years out of university so I do not yet have the experience that most companies look for when hiring temporary foreign workers.

“Do you think there is anything you or the site would be able to help with in regards to finding such a company? I know it is just a matter of time before I will have a permanent visa and things will be so much easier but I am hoping it is something I can make happen sooner rather than later.

“Thanks for any help you are able to offer.”

Gareth is also a nice chap as he has done volunteer work attending two STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) events, including ongoing mentoring of a small group of local high school children, designed to encourage young people to take up STEM subjects as future careers.

So, if any nice companies out there can assist this proactive bloke in getting a good start in Toronto, please contact him at garethr1989 AT gmail DOT COM — cheers.

Good luck, Gareth!


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