Let’s all help fellow Brit Daniel find a job!


“OK guys, positions please, and … ACTION!”

Been a busy week with Brits keen to come to Toronto and find some good jobs. Today we feature Daniel, a photographer and filmmaker currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Ever since a visit I made to Toronto eight years ago, I have wanted return to live and work there,” explains Daniel. “I’m in the early stages of planning out this move. Currently in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend in Connecticut, and after 18 months of back and forth travelling and pixelated communication we see Toronto as an inspiring place to finally be together.

“I’m two years out of university and have since been freelancing in the film and news industry. I’ve done work for Sky, BBC, Channel 4 & 5 to name a few and most notably Starz on the new series Outlander.

“Ideally I am looking for work in an art/design/media agency, either advertising, filmmaking, photography. I’m attracted to the idea of a full-time position rather than freelance as I’m guessing most freelancing is unionized in Canada and I’d prefer the security.

“Of course what I have mentioned is ideal and I am able to graft my hands to pretty much anything that comes my way.

“Right now I guess I’m curious to know what the job market is like. The logistics of obtaining an employment visa and how welcoming the local employers are to British workers.”

There you have it — sounds like a talented chap! If you or anyone can help Daniel or connect him with some leads, please contact him at danielwilliamhill AT gmail DOT COM.


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