Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Brits in Toronto!

Get the bird in will ya, nan?

Get the bird out will ya, nan?

Wow, what a year it’s been for us here at Brits in Toronto. Started a new blog, had a lot of fun along the way and hopefully offered a ton of useful information to help Brits who currently call the city their home, or are considering moving here.

This is our chance to take a pause and say a really sincere THANK YOU to all those who have followed us on Twitter and RTd our tweets, contacted us via the website form or e-mail, been brave enough to let us feature them in Successful Brits in Toronto (all great sports!) or read our posts.

Although most of our traffic comes from Canada and the U.K. there are a few surprises with some website visitors surfing in from Chile, Nigeria, Peru, the NSA and one person from North Korea. All in all, a very mixed bag.

With your encouraging and supportive feedback, we have even more excellent content planned for 2015 … watch this space.

We’d also like to say this time of year can also not be so fun for those without close friends and family. It’s very hard to uproot and take your life to a new country. Always remember there is a massive support network of Brits in Toronto who you can liaise with, get some advice from or just meet for tea and a chat.

In that spirit, Brits in Toronto is making a donation to the Toronto Distress Centre for those who may need a few extra kind words this time of year. Keep up the good work, guys.

So, again, we hope you all have health, happiness and some good times this season. We’ll sign off with our favourite Christmas song of all time …


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