Guest article: Some tips on Canadian immigration

The Twitter account of Dignitas Immigration

The Twitter account of Dignitas Immigration

Disclaimer: This is a guest article written by an immigration consulting firm. No payment changed hands and it’s the responsibility of the reader to do their due diligence and get the necessary legal advice before pursuing any business relationship, contract or payment of fees for any service related to this content or organization.

Dear Brits,

I understand that you truly love your adopted country of Canada! Nevertheless, as a Regulated Immigration Consultant, I have personally heard your calls to stay:

“I’m thinking of immigrating to Canada and have been in Canada for a year or two on a working holiday visa” … “I’ve fallen in love with a Canadian and want to stay here with my partner” … “I’ve studied here and now that chapter in my life is over, and I’d like to continue my stay in Canada.”

Don’t fret because you have many options.

You and your dependant children may be sponsored by a spouse or common law partner or conjugal partner by a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. Your partner (husband or wife) can be either of the opposite sex or same sex. Note: You are a spouse if you are married to your sponsor and your marriage is legally valid. You are a common law partner – either of the opposite sex or same sex – if you have been living together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year. This category is for partners — either of the opposite sex or same sex — in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from qualifying as common law partners or spouses by living together.

Perhaps, you qualify for the Express Entry immigration points system which recently launched on January 1 whereby “in demand” immigrants will be in Canada within six months. With this program, skilled immigrants will be matched with vacant jobs where there are no available Canadian workers. After applying online and registering with the government’s job bank, applicants will be entered into a pool. Only the candidates with the most points will be offered permanent residency.

Another viable option for you to obtain permanent residence if you already have experience working in Canada is through the Canadian Experience Class.

With all of these options and room for error in your application, some of you might acquire the help of an Immigration Consultant. Please choose your immigration representative carefully and make sure that s/he is in good standing with the immigration consultants regulating body, ICCRC.

At Dignitas Immigration (which is where I work as an Immigration Consultant), we care for our clients and their financial situations. For our clients who provide details of their financial hardships, we are ready to reduce our fees up to 60 per cent.

So if you have any questions regarding Immigration to Canada, you can visit us at or call us at 416-551-7008 or 647-783-0013.


Mila Vrdoljak
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with Dignitas Immigration (consultant identification #R511335)



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