Newcomers Toronto Fair — March 7, 2015


Amazing how the visitors in the food hall look like ants from up here!

We thought it would be nice to give a free plug for the Newcomers Toronto Fair, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on March 7, 2015.

The organizers say, “It’s a great opportunity for newcomers to find out about jobs, visas, settlement and education.”

From the website: “Take the first step towards connecting with employers, educational and settlement services, helping newcomers in Canada by visiting our Newcomers Canada Fair in Toronto.”

All the event details can be found at

“What’s in it for me?” the event’s publicity copywriters hear you cry. Well, there’s lots of valuable information on immigration, employment, education and settlement in Canada.

And even better … pre-register online for FREE ENTRY before midnight, March 6, 2015. Thereafter, online tickets or general admission at the door to the Fair will be $10.00 per person, inclusive of all taxes.

So, no point hanging around, eh? Go and check it out!


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