Temporary foreign worker? You may qualify for $50 by taking a survey


We strongly agree that’s a horrible shade of green

Well, this is exciting … and new for us! Brits in Toronto were contacted and asked to feature a survey of temporary foreign workers in Canada. It takes 20 minutes online and for doing it, qualified participants get $50.

The topic is about financial services usage. No special knowledge is required.

A few caveats: to qualify you need to be a temporary foreign worker (not a citizen or permanent resident) and make $50,000+ a year in a semi-skilled or white collar job.

Environics Research Group specializes in research among newcomers and immigrants to Canada — they conduct online surveys to help their clients understand these populations.

They are not selling anything, and this is a research project in order to understand temporary foreign workers better. The survey link will be closed around the end of February.

So, if you qualify, check it out or let a mate know.

(And just so we’re on the same page, the link we are using is an affiliate link so Brits in Toronto benefits too for a few bucks. Pays the hosting fees and such.)



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