Let’s all help fellow Brit Grant find a job!

Grant wants to be “bigged up”

Scottish lad Grant sent an e-mail to Brits in Toronto, mentioned that he’s applying for International Experience Canada and therefore needs some help in being “bigged up” — his words. Always happy to oblige, so here’s some intel …

Grant tells us that he’s looking for a job in IT, probably entry level since his experience is limited.

He’s worked at a bank, got some programming skills and, “independently designed and developed two database systems for my university honours project to compare the performance of SQL and NoSQL. The databases I built digitized the companies’ catalogue items, orders, current stock holdings, and customers, reducing company costs by removing the need for 3rd party data management and paper records.”

Sounds good to us. Can’t get enough SQL these days, to be fair.

He’s also a nice chap. As the volunteer website assistant for the Huntington’s Disease Scotland charity since November 2014, Grant audits, updates, maintains, develops and designs the Huntington’s Disease Scotland charity website. In a group of other volunteers he completes all these jobs to ensure the website remains current with content from HD Scotland, and current with ever-evolving web technologies.

So, there you have it. If anyone in Toronto can give him a head start, contact grant.woolard1 AT gmail DOT Com or check his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, mate!


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