Totally biased product review by me — Longo’s Bombay Potatoes


A little bit of Longo’s in my life, a little bit of Longo’s by my side, a little bit of Longo’s is all I need, a little bit of Longo’s is what I see. Aisle number 5!

As we’ve mentioned before on this website, we find it tricky to find a Brits in Toronto staple favourite: Bombay Potatoes.

So it was with utter glee — and Keith the office intern looking at the floor, squinting eyes like he’d scored, pumping his fist, shouting, “Yes! YES!!” — that we stumbled across Longo’s Bombay Potatoes.

Grabbed a box, jumped in the motor and drove off within the legally observed speed limit to try them out.

Now, as all Brits and curry afficiendos know from the cradle, the curries you buy in supermarkets will NEVER be as good as the ones you get from Indian restaurants. Nothing against the supermarkets, it’s just different. Less heat. Etc.

But the convenience is there to throw in the oven or microwave when you have a craving on a cold March evening and don’t want to go out.

It’s a good sized portion, that’s a plus point. There’s a nice amount of curry sauce, more points. The flavour is tasty, nice use of the spice rack.

But — as always — three bites in and we’re thinking, “Hmmmm, not hot enough.” (But we think that a lot about packaged curry, so can’t be too critical.)

Hold on? What’s that red thing hiding behind a quarter piece of spud? A red chili pepper. Back of the net! Took a crunch of that bad boy and it was, “Holy moly! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!”

The heat kicked in and that was that. The taste rating shot up and we were reaching for the tissues.

So, a slow start for this product, but got better, so we give it a nose-blowing Brits in Toronto 3/5 stars.


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