Brit-formed Arsenals play Toronto on Friday, March 13


Dave “Comfort” Vassell singing lead vocals with Dizzy Minott on trombone

The Arsenals 100% Kick-Ass Ska, aka The Arsenals, is a Toronto band formed in 1994 by Brits Crash Morgan and his brother James Morgan. They named the band after their London hometown football club. Their first album “STOMP” was signed to MOON SKA Records, New York in 1995.

After Crash Morgan’s untimely passing while playing drums for Big Sugar in 1996, his family asked Dizzy Minott to keep the band going to honour Crash’s memory. The original members included Crash and James Morgan on lead vocals, Seri Gee on keyboards, Matt Ronson on bass, Darren Edwards on drums, Michael St. Clair on guitar and Dizzy Minott on trombone.

Today, The Arsenals are led by the energetic Dizzy Minott on trombone with easy-going and charming Dave ”Comfort” Vassell singing lead vocals. The band features a steady rotation of accomplished musicians.

They are playing on Friday, March 13 at Lee’s Palace at 529 Bloor Street West. You can get more details on their website or Facebook.

Here’s the band getting their skank on in Toronto’s Kensington Market:


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