Let’s all help fellow Brit Adam find a job!

Caption this

“I’m fishing around for a job. Cod anyone plaice help me?”

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring a lot of Successful Brits in Toronto on the site recently, and also enjoy helping the next generation cross the pond to join that illustrious group.

Today we’re happy to “big up” Adam who is looking for a move into recruitment or facilities management.

Adam considers himself to have, “excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to perform confidently under pressure, alone or as part of a team.”

His past roles include Business Director, Project Manager, Facilities Manager and Recruiter.

Interesting factoid #1: Adam was also a semi-professional footballer for seven years. Interesting factoid #2: He likes match fishing and is a marine fishing enthusiast.

So, if any of that takes your fancy, you can help Adam with a leg up and contact him at apbaylis AT googlemail DOT COM or via his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Adam!


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