Red vs. Brown: Which sauce are you?


Forget the general election … this is REALLY important

A fun little item caught our SAUCY eye today. Ha! Come on readers, KETCHUP will ya? Ha ha!

OK. It was a slow news day. But we still like this as it will divide a nation of Brits and have families fighting at the table. Red or Brown?

The “Red vs. Brown” campaign pits Heinz Tomato Ketchup lovers against fans of HP Sauce. It has kicked off with the message being spread on the brands’ social media channels.

There is a dedicated website to vote on your favourite sauce flavour. The votes will be tracked on a regional map to highlight the divide in popularity across different parts of the UK.

You can vote and also win a year’s supply!

So, prove your alliance once and for all and let’s see what sauce comes out on top.


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