Which Toronto charity needs $60? MONKEYS!


That’s about $60 in coins we estimate

We ran a survey back in February on behalf of a research group asking for the opinions of temporary foreign workers in Canada and their thoughts on financial services.

Because we used an affiliate link, every time a qualified candidate completed the survey, Brits in Toronto got a few bucks. “Great,” we thought, “can pump that revenue into a Facebook ad campaign or something.”

Then we thought, “Nah. It’s only $60 and could be put to better use.” So we decided to donate it to a Toronto-based charity.

Any suggestions? Could be homelessness, health, animal welfare, conservation … anything really. But we’d like to give it to a smaller charity that doesn’t get much press or PR, and can put $60 to good use. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but any little helps.

So, Brits in Toronto … leave a comment, e-mail us or tweet the details of any good causes we can help out.


Update April 7, 2015
We liked this suggestion from the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, so today donated the $60 to them. We hope it made some monkeys very happy!


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