Let’s all help fellow Brit Jordan find a job!


Potential future Canadian business owner right here

It’s time to try and help a keen, enthusiastic, willing and able Brit to find meaningful work in this lovely and welcoming city we call Toronto.

Today’s requestee (is that a word?) is Jordan.

He writes …

“Hi, my name is Jordan. I currently live in the north west in England, and am highly enthusiastic about moving to Canada and starting a new life over there and learning more about the country and the culture.

“I currently work in the food industry and would like to widen my abilities to work in different areas and a different job. I spent the last five years studying performing arts and dance and have lots of experience in public and private performances and teaching classes.

“I have set myself a target to migrate to Canada and make something better of my life. I would like to learn more trades over there and get more experience and eventually become a full-time Canadian citizen and build a new life in Toronto.

“I am willing to climb the ladder of success and fulfill my dream of making a life and hopefully owning my own business in time to come in Canada.

“I am looking for a friendly helping hand to make this possible. I am very determined and highly motivated when it comes to achieving my targets; it would mean a lot to me if you was able to help me. I look forward to hearing from you.”

So, there you have it. Jordan just needs a chance so if anyone out there can lend a helping hand, please contact him at jordansmitha10 AT gmail DOT COM.

Cheers … and good luck Jordan!


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