Totally biased product review by me — Cricketers Mature Cheddar

Caption here mate

Someone cut the cheese back at the Brits in Toronto HQ

The Brits in Toronto crew are always keeping our eyes peeled for those little bits of home we find around the city. Today was a great discovery: Cricketers Mature Cheddar.

Now, there’s certain cheeses that label themselves as “mature” but actually taste like the rubbery black block that your swimming teacher at school used to throw to the bottom of the pool and make you dive down to retrieve. Not pleasant.

But the illustration of the cricketer on this one, plus the “Very Best Of British” tagline prompted us to throw this in our basket, grab the Loblaws PC Plus Points at the checkout and head home to try it.

The texture was extremely nice, not crumbly, but slightly creamy. The sharpness was there too, which is what we always look for in a mature cheddar. This one would match well with a Ploughman’s Lunch, a few bits of apple or some nice tangy chutney.

All in all we give this cheese a Brits in Toronto 4/5 stars.

(There are more in the range we need to try too.)


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