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Twenty things you should know before moving to Toronto


Brilliant place to live … just don’t whine about the cold

We ran across this great checklist of 20 things you should know before moving to Toronto. It comes from, the website catering to people much younger and more stylish than us old farts.

Some favourites …

  • You don’t “need” to know French
  • The cyclists will piss you right off
  • Yes, we have a cold winter; yes, sometimes it lasts kinda long; yes, it can be annoying; and yes, we sell warm jackets and waterproof boots and have lots of electricity so it’s really not a huge deal unless you’re just generally whiny about stuff

Check out the whole list here.


How much it costs to live in Toronto

How much?

Green is good, right?

“Money, money, money, always funny, in the rich man’s world.” Not our words. The words of ABBA. But they do have a point.

Compared to, say, London … Paris … Tokyo … San Francisco … we don’t think Toronto is such an expensive place to live. But, with the recent news that the average house price in Toronto is over a million bucks (around 489,000 British Pounds) then we could be totally wrong.

Good job we have websites such as Numbeo then. There’s a whole lot of data on the cost of living in Toronto, plus other fun facts such as crime, health care, pollution and traffic.

Makes for some very interesting reading if you’re a Brit considering moving to Toronto, or a Brit already living here and wondering where your hard-earned spondoolies disappears to every day.

Toronto International Film Festival features eight British gems


An action scene from ‘Northern Soul’

The Toronto International Film Festival will be upon us soon, and it’s a great time to showcase the city and possibly bump into Kiefer Sutherland at your local pub.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s some cool Brit films on offer that you may want to catch too.


“For its 40th year, TIFF has added even more British features to bolster its already solid lineup of UK-hailing films including ‘High-Rise’ and Oscar contender ‘The Danish Girl’ — to name just a few of the most hotly awaited Brit titles.

“This year’s City to City strand highlights eight films from England’s capital to expose the region’s emerging artists. Past programs have featured Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Mumbai and Seoul.

“Selections include a lot of coming-of-age and music stories, including stage-to-screen ‘London Road,’ director Rufus Norris’ followup to his abrasive 2012 suburban drama ‘Broken,’ which premiered in Cannes. ‘Northern Soul,’ the film debut of acclaimed English photographer Elaine Constantine, also finally makes its way to North America.”

Full story.

So get out and support the Brits!

The British Are Coming

The British Are Coming

Batten down the hatches!

This is a way off yet (May 2016) but we like to stay ahead of the pack and give our readers good notice about interesting opportunities.

This is an event to give Canadian artists and labels access to the UK market … so if you have anyone working in that industry back home then send ’em this blog post, or get their people to call our people and we’ll pass along the information to some more people.

From the website:

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music & the Arts (CAAMA), in association with Canadian Music Week, is facilitating access for Canadian artists and labels to the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland.

“In May 2016, at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, we’ll be hosting labels, booking agents, festival organizers, promoters, talent buyers and industry specialists from the entertainment sectors open new trade routes for Canadians who are interested in furthering opportunities with these two key European markets as part of a Spotlight on the UK and Focus on Ireland.

“CAAMA will provide a market intelligence report and trade support for Canadian artists and music companies to do business. The report will include an in-depth overview of the territories and we anticipate the report will serve as an invaluable resource in future preparations for the 2016 Spotlight and Focus activities.”

Help wanted for an artistic environment

Help wanted

You want to help. They need your help. Go for it!

We appreciate the fact that our readers are contacting Brits in Toronto with early access to information before it’s made public. Thank you, keep ’em coming!

Here’s a job lead that hasn’t been posted yet so it may give you a head start … and the company says they have an affinity for Brits đŸ™‚

Artage Pictures is hiring for a someone who is fabulous for reception, customer service, admin … it’s for an upscale artistic environment, funky yet classy.

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be a must (evening as well), eventually with Sundays dropping off and the other three days becoming longer days.

Candidates must present well, be refined and fun! The pay will be around $28,000k-$30,000k to start but it will be a full-time job.

Please note that the role will not lead to photography so they’re aiming to find people who aren’t hoping to be photographers.

If you fit the bill, please e-mail heidi AT artagepictures DOT COM or phone 647-898-7464.

Good luck!

The Cocksure Lads


They seem pretty sure

The Cocksure Lads followed us on Twitter so we checked them out and discovered a new film coming out on August 7 (sneak peak on August 5) … here are the screenings.

From the website: “The Cocksure Lads, a band from England, come to Toronto on their first-ever North American tour. Ten minutes after arriving, they get into a fight over royalties and break up. The Lads scatter across the city, and spend the day drinking, fighting, meeting girls, falling in love, and searching for a claw-foot bathtub. Through it all they learn what it means to be a band — but can they patch things up before their big show that night?”

Sounds like a typical night for the Brits in Toronto crew. Except that we don’t play in a band or have a claw-foot bathtub. Anyway … take a butchers, it looks great!