The British Are Coming

The British Are Coming

Batten down the hatches!

This is a way off yet (May 2016) but we like to stay ahead of the pack and give our readers good notice about interesting opportunities.

This is an event to give Canadian artists and labels access to the UK market … so if you have anyone working in that industry back home then send ’em this blog post, or get their people to call our people and we’ll pass along the information to some more people.

From the website:

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music & the Arts (CAAMA), in association with Canadian Music Week, is facilitating access for Canadian artists and labels to the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland.

“In May 2016, at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, we’ll be hosting labels, booking agents, festival organizers, promoters, talent buyers and industry specialists from the entertainment sectors open new trade routes for Canadians who are interested in furthering opportunities with these two key European markets as part of a Spotlight on the UK and Focus on Ireland.

“CAAMA will provide a market intelligence report and trade support for Canadian artists and music companies to do business. The report will include an in-depth overview of the territories and we anticipate the report will serve as an invaluable resource in future preparations for the 2016 Spotlight and Focus activities.”


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