Toronto International Film Festival features eight British gems


An action scene from ‘Northern Soul’

The Toronto International Film Festival will be upon us soon, and it’s a great time to showcase the city and possibly bump into Kiefer Sutherland at your local pub.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s some cool Brit films on offer that you may want to catch too.


“For its 40th year, TIFF has added even more British features to bolster its already solid lineup of UK-hailing films including ‘High-Rise’ and Oscar contender ‘The Danish Girl’ — to name just a few of the most hotly awaited Brit titles.

“This year’s City to City strand highlights eight films from England’s capital to expose the region’s emerging artists. Past programs have featured Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Mumbai and Seoul.

“Selections include a lot of coming-of-age and music stories, including stage-to-screen ‘London Road,’ director Rufus Norris’ followup to his abrasive 2012 suburban drama ‘Broken,’ which premiered in Cannes. ‘Northern Soul,’ the film debut of acclaimed English photographer Elaine Constantine, also finally makes its way to North America.”

Full story.

So get out and support the Brits!


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