Happy birthday to us! Two days ago


Get those cucumber sandwiches and warm lemon drinks ready — we’re celebrating!

We’ve been so caught up in the Canadian federal election political joshing that we totally forgot it was our 2nd birthday two days ago. Happy birthday to us!

It’s been a brilliant two years of bringing you the best of British issues in Toronto, and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. We hope you’ve had a laugh too. And learned some useful stuff along the way.

Thank you for all the warm support, social media links, the brave Successful Brits in Toronto (all great sports!) and various interactions. Means a lot to us, seriously. Got some exciting things planned so keep on checking in and sending our site to the advertising manager wherever you may work.

And a big thank you to long-time Brits in Toronto friend Barbra for writing this song for us … someone’s cutting dusty onions in our office right now. *sniff*


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