Tomatoes, eggs, bacon and a nice bottle of 2011 Cab Sav please


The Sims enjoyed browsing the fine groceries and booze on offer in the same supermarket they had just built

With the long-overdue news yesterday that beer is to be sold in select Ontario grocery stores by Christmas (some good comments from readers further down in that article), the Brits in Toronto crew were pretty happy about that. Freedom and choice at last. But then we read a little closer.

“The first batch of licences will be limited to 25 grocery stores in the Greater Toronto Area, 16 in western Ontario, 13 in the east and six in the north.”

“By May, about 150 stores will be approved to sell beer while the province hopes to boost that number to 450 supermarkets within three years.”

“Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said beer sales will be introduced to grocery stores in a ‘prudent, socially responsible way.'”

It’s like we’re not being trusted to be treated as adults. You go to the UK, the States — even Montreal — and you can happily browse the aisles, selecting your groceries for dinner, and then wander two feet over to the booze aisle and pick up a nice bottle of wine, or case of beer.

It’s so convenient. You don’t have to jump in your car and make another stop at an LCBO or Beer Store somewhere.

But here in Torontario (we made that up, it’s a combination of Toronto/Ontario), when you’re heading to a party or somewhere, you need to get some booze but it’s 10:01 p.m. — then you’re going to be the cheapo sponger that turns up with no beers or wine because the places you can buy booze have closed. It’s ridiculous.

Head to a pub and sit outside on a little patio to enjoy an alcoholic drink. Great, all legal. But stick your arm holding a pint over that railing, or step outside the door and take a sip = ARMAGEDDON! END OF THE WORLD! Breaking the law. Corrupting and influencing everyone walking by, enticing them with the evil booze.

People will always be able to get booze if they need it. And of course, there are those who don’t want to drink. Free will and all that. But we just want to have the CHOICE of when to do what we want.

Relax a little. We can be trusted. It’s 2015.


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