Let’s all help fellow Brit Lucy find a job!


I’ll have a well-paying job please with a side of health benefits

Let’s all say hello to Lucy … “Hello Lucy!”

She and her husband are moving from Old Blighty  to Toronto next summer and Lucy has already started her job search, so if anyone out there has some leads for a fellow Brit it would be much appreciated.

Lucy currently works as a media sales executive and — over to her — “Ideally, I’m looking for an opportunity in sales, in the media, customer based, something similar. I would love some advice on where to look and what Toronto is looking for in a potential British employee. I am very friendly, a proper people person and very motivated in whatever I do. Success is a big thing for myself.”

So if you can offer advice or job leads, please e-mail her at lucy–atkinson AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk — cheers!


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