Brit Jamie Oliver opens first Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Toronto today


Here’s wishing the geezer some pukka luck in Toronto

There’s no denying that Jamie Oliver is an Essex lad who’s done really well for himself. With a net worth of around $400 million, the food industry has certainly been good to him.

Now when his fans in Toronto get a craving for a stellar spag bol or similar, they can head to Jamie’s Italian restaurant in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre that opened today.

As the press release states, “Jamie’s Italian is the result of a collaboration between Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor Gennaro Contaldo. The beautiful fresh food and the relaxed setting reflect their love for the Italian way of life and their sociable attitude towards food. Since the opening of the first restaurant in 2008 in Oxford, England, Jamie’s Italian has grown to over 60 restaurants worldwide, including sites in Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil and Moscow.”

We’re hoping it does well over here. A quick Google search brings up this article from the Daily Mail: Jamie’s one-star meals: Customers give Jamie Oliver’s Italian chain the lowest marks of any comparable restaurants as staff slam conditions.

The Brits in Toronto crew plan to check it out when we do our Crimbo shopping soon.

Buona fortuna, Jamie!


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