Our top five most popular blog posts in 2015


Our top five as dictated by Google Analytics and a plus/minus error rate of around 22%

As the year winds down and we look forward to 2016, we thought it would be interesting (and easy on a slow week) to highlight our top five blog posts by traffic for 2015.

And here they are, in no particular order …

14 things a British person notices when they move to Toronto

Successful Brits in Toronto: Julian Richings

Successful Brits in Toronto: Caitlin King

Successful Brits in Toronto: Gail McInnes

“Jelly shouldn’t run … it should wobble!” RIP Anne Kirkbride (a.k.a. Deirdre Barlow)

Hmmm — we notice a theme there. Our readers like to hear about fellow Brits making a success of it in Toronto. Always on the lookout for more willing subjects, so please send ’em our way. 🙂

More good stuff to come next year. And if we don’t manage to get back here before then, thanks for the support this year and we wish you a happy and healthy 2016!

The Brits in Toronto crew.


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