Let’s all say hello to The British Canadian

The British Canadian

A real treat for your mince pies

Come a Sunday morning, there’s nothing we like better than to open our sleepy eyes, yawn, look out the window at the snow, mutter “eff that for a game of soldiers,” and then go back to bed.

When we do get up a few hours later, then there’s nothing we like better than settling down with a cuppa, grab a hot buttered crumpet and read a good newspaper.

The British Canadian. The title says it all. BRITISH in all caps. End of.

The newspaper is free, claims 125,000 readers and says it’s available from over 400 British locations nationwide. That’s not too shabby.

It covers news, sports, features, TV, community and events. The website also links to some British shops, travel services, pension and investment advisers and the BBC Canada shop so you can catch up on all Corrie Street episodes since 1960. And that is a lot of Ken Barlow to handle.

But wait! There’s more!

If you need even more Britishness then the website also links to Totally British Magazine, which offers a plethora of mainly TV and entertainment news that is available by subscription.

So there you have it. Give your mince pies a treat this weekend.


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