Let’s all say hello to the Toronto Buccaneers Rugby Club

Toronto Buccaneers Rugby Club

Formed the same year that Rocky yelled, “Adrian!”

Brits in Toronto received an e-mail from Greg “Slurry” DeVillers, Director of Recruitment for the non-profit Toronto Buccaneers Rugby Club.

The Toronto Buccaneers Rugby Club is a member in the Toronto Rugby Union. Established in 1976, the club has a long standing tradition of playing hard, competitive rugby on the field while also playing hard off the field with an impressive yearly social calendar of pub crawls, charity events, social gatherings and tours.

Greg says that the club has plenty of British members and are always looking for more. With two men’s teams, an academy team (U25) and two junior teams (U16/U18) it welcomes all players of all skill levels and would be excited to have new members join its ranks.

Here’s the club’s official flyer for more information.

And if you needed any more incentive to join, here’s what happens to the Man of the Match after every game:


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