Last Night of the Proms in Toronto

Last Night of the Proms small

Get ready to wave a Union Jack and bellow out Land of Hope and Glory

The Brits in Toronto crew used to love watching the Last Night of the Proms when we lived on the other side of the pond. It’s the kind of TV event where you sit with your mum and nan (she’s nodded off), wave the Union Jack around and sing along in a raucous fashion.

We miss it.

But wait? What’s that you’re saying, Jubilee United Church located at 40 Underhill Drive in Toronto? You’re holding a Last Night of the Proms IN TORONTO?!

“Yes, that’s right, Brits in Toronto!” replies the promoter. “This concert is taking place on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. The Jubilee Choir presents an evening of music and fun, celebrating the traditions of the great British ‘Prom’ concerts and the musical heritage of Canada. During this program of music, song and story, expect to sing along to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Rule Britannia’ and be ready to tap your feet, wave a flag and enjoy a wonderful evening.”

Here’s the 80-minute set list:

Opening Choral Number by Swansea Town Choir
Medley – Sax and organ by Christopher Dawes and Daniel Rubinoff
Five English folk songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams Choir
– The Dark-Eyed Sailor
– The Springtime of the Year
– Just As the Tide Was Flowing
– The Lover’s Ghost
– Wassail Song
Organ solo by Christopher Dawes
Songs of the British Isles
Wales – The Ashgrove, Soloist Aaron Durand
Scotland – Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Soloist Janaka Welihinda
Ireland – Down By the Sally Gardens, Soloist Marie Criscionne
England – Rose of England, Soloist Janaka Welihinda with choir on chorus
Jerusalem – music by Sir Hubert Parry, words William Blake, choir and audience
Rule Britannia, Soloist Marie Criscionne, choir and audience on chorus
Pomp and Circumstance #1 – organ, Christopher Dawes
Land of Hope and Glory – choir and audience
Auld Lang Syne – Janaka on verse, choir and audience on chorus

And here’s something to get you in the mood:


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