Let’s all help fellow Brit Amber find a job!

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Not sure where that is … but looks warmer than Toronto at the moment!

Amber contacted us today needing some help finding work in this great city of Toronto. How could we refuse a fellow Brit needing a hand? (She also has Australian citizenship.)

In 2015 Amber began an 11-month trip around the world in which she visited over 40 countries. She says this was a transformative experience that gave her a true appreciation for diverse cultures and people, and she is now committed to refocusing on the development of her career.

Personally, we respect anyone that takes the time at any stage of life to travel and believe that open experience can bring a lot to the table for an employee in a new role.

Amber is seeking work opportunities where she can use her skills in fast-moving consumer goods and data analysis. Ideally, Category or Team Analyst roles would be perfect — her background is with retailers and consumer goods — but, “my skills are pretty transferable,” she says.

She has worked in various categories and developed a wide range of disciplines, including analyzing sales data, simplifying business processes and developing customer relationships.

Amber is available for interviews immediately, so please contact her at smithamber DOT cv AT gmail DOT COM if you can help, or have some job leads to pass on.



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