Let’s all help fellow Brit Christopher find a job!

Christopher Jordan Lee

Need a Learning and Development professional? Christopher is your bloke

Brits in Toronto got an e-mail a few days ago from Christopher who is planning a move to this fair city and needs a head start finding work.

He wrote, “I’ve been looking at your site as part of my prep for moving to Toronto in October this year. I came across the jobs page and thought I would drop you a line with my CV to see if you know anyone who would be interested in hiring me.”

Always willing to put the word out there, so Christopher provided some more info on what he’s ideally looking for …

He’s a Learning and Development professional with almost six years years of international experience in that discipline. He’s worked as a trainer for a FTSE 100 company and facilitated training to all levels of the business, from new hires to CEOs.

Christopher has also worked in the UK, Nova Scotia and India providing financial services and developmental training. In 2013 he was awarded a national “Trainer of the Year Award” by the Welsh Contact Centre Awards.

He is passionate about development … and that includes his own. Having spent the last four years getting qualified in Learning and Development, he now possesses a Master Diploma in Learning and Development, a Diploma in Learning Facilitation and a Diploma in e-learning.

He also spent time as a trainer on a cruise ship travelling between countries and working with a diverse and multicultural workforce, consisting of 42 nationalities.

Christopher is open to all offers, but in line with his experience a Learning and Development Manager position would be the ideal role.

So, fellow Brits in Toronto, if you can help him get a head start his e-mail is bulbscrib AT btinternet DOT COM or check out his LinkedIn profile.

Good luck, Christopher!


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