Job opportunity … and this one’s a rare gem

Griffin and Highbury

Can you take the high pressure and shine like this diamond had to?

Geoff Black is a real diamond geezer.

Even though he was born in Toronto, Geoff grew up in a British household and spent time in the UK. His family are from Devon and London and he currently works at Mississauga-based Griffin & Highbury diamond company.

Geoff is looking to hire possibly one candidate for a sales position. “The sales are telephone based,” he writes. “It pays a salary as well as commission that is very competitive.

“We help in the acquisition of fancy coloured diamonds for investment purposes. I am looking for a self-motivated, driven young person to reach out to prospective clients via telephone and to complete 10-minute online presentations to prospects on the merits and risks of diamond investment. Answering any questions and or concerns they may have and ultimately making a sale.

“The candidate must have a thick skin, make a lot of phone calls and present well. A money-motivated person is probably a bonus as well. No diamond knowledge is required as training will be extensive.

“Many years ago someone would have given my family an opportunity when they came to Canada from London. Maybe this could be me paying it forward?” he adds.

So there you have it. If this role interests you, contact Geoff at gblack AT griffinandhighbury DOT COM com or dog and bone him on 905-813-0008 and mention Brits in Toronto.

Good luck, candidates!


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