MP wants to unfreeze state pension for Brits living in Canada

Ian Blackford

MP Ian Blackford wants to unfreeze British state pensions and also highlight good stucco work

We recently ran an article by the Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners entitled “Quirks of the UK State Pension affecting British pensioners living abroad” that really hit a nerve with our readers. It got a ton of traffic.

The main crux of the issue is the fact that UK pensioners living abroad in certain countries — including Canada — have their state pension frozen … but those living elsewhere see the amount they receive uprated annually.

We feel that’s a tad unfair.

Luckily, Ian Blackford, upstanding bloke and MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, is leading the charge to amend things and said, “The Government should reflect on the ‘injustice’ of the current system,” as he highlighted the strength of support for change among a large group of cross-party MPs.

The full story is covered by The National and we at Brits in Toronto think it’s a good read and an issue to keep an eye on.


4 thoughts on “MP wants to unfreeze state pension for Brits living in Canada

  1. Terry Pym

    I totally agree with Ian about unfreezing the Brits pensions in Canada and just maybe if we can get this job done, we can get our own veterans who are living with next to nothing here in
    Canada, but we can afford to bring in the Syrians and I understand they now all have a place to live, if only our vets could ssay that.

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